Here are my 6 M activities


i am running from time to time PSK reporter on 50.280 in WSJT-X (Mode: JTMSK 15 sec.)  .. if there are good conds, see what i can hear in JN49BC 

The Locator confirmed List is not updated yet ! Summaries are up to date !

Link to PSK-Reporter:     on the top of the page fill the fields with a drop-down menue and see whats up !

I am sometimes running WSPR on 6m (50,294 MHZ)... you can look at or the map at this link just fill in wanted information 



My Statistic on 6 M from 27.07.2018

  worked Paper QSL confirmed only on LOTW !! Summary
DXCC 82 2 75 77
VUCC WW Locators 350 4 228 232
US-States 4 0 2 2


Here are the links to the list of the                                       LISTS will be updated soon !!!

confirmed DXCC countries and

confirmed VUCC Locators  LOTW